Ted Peter’s Famous Smoked Fish in South Pasadena, Florida


Every time we visit Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish, I try to imagine what it was like over 50 years ago when they were one of only a few places along this road to Gulf Coast beaches. It’s fascinating to think that the whole St. Petersburg area has literally grown up around this unique little smoked fish place – one that hasn’t really changed much over the years.

To get right to the point, this is actually the best smoked fish I’ve ever had. When the waitress arrives with a tray full of meals, and you can smell the red oak smoke flavor before she even sets it down, you know you’re in for a treat. One bite later confirms it – they’re not cutting corners here.

All fish filets are served skin side down, just as it came from the smoker. Every meal also comes with a sweet, warm German potato salad that is surprisingly tasty (bacon is their secret), plus cole slaw, a pickle slice, tomato slice, and lemon. The filets are quite large, so be hungry or take some of it home to enjoy later.

On our first visit, I tried the Mullet. The waitress told me it had lots of bones, and she was right, but it was worth the extra picking. After tasting someone’s salmon on that visit, I made that my priority next time. Now it’s my favorite. I had no idea salmon could be this moist and tender. Why can’t other places do this?

Mahi-Mahi was next, but only because they ran out of salmon right before closing time. It was great, but salmon is still my favorite.

Their fish spread, by the way, is awesome – and they know it. That’s why they bring a small sample if you don’t order it as an appetizer. They know you’ll be sold once you give it a try. It worked! We order it every time, now.

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives stopped in one day. Here’s the video:

Visit their website for photos and much more information about the smoking process. And when you’re there, be sure to visit the smokehouse in the building next door. It’s not just a little smoker out back.

Ted Peters is “doing it right” in the St. Petersburg area. Go see for yourself, and let me know what you think, below.

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P.S. Ted Peters is cash only. No credit cards, no checks. I can respect that, as they don’t have to pay credit card fees. They also close at 7:30pm (and are closed Tuesdays), so come early on all other days.

Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish
1350 Pasadena Ave S,
South Pasadena, FL 33707

Phone: 727-381-7931
Website: TedPetersFish.com



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