Heavenly Bar-B-Que in Titusville, Florida

Update as of July 6, 2014:
Sadly, while in the Titusville area today, we found Heavenly Bar-B-Que to be out of business when we stopped by for dinner. If you know anything about this restaurant, please leave a comment below.

 Original Review

Heavenly Bar-B-Que is a place we discovered when the restaurant we were headed to had already closed – and what a great find.

Like the other restaurants featured on iSmellBBQ.com, this one earned it’s way here by serving juicy, mouth-watering barbecue that has nice smoke flavor and just the right seasonings. In other words, it’s the real deal.

Pulled pork is what I can’t resist from Heavenly Bar-B-Que. All by itself, it’s delicious, but ordered as a sandwich, then dressed up with slaw and lots of sauce, is, well, heavenly. It’s a big, sloppy mess, but well worth every bite.

Their sweet sauce is very unique. It’s not artificially thick, like store-bought sauces, so it catches you off-guard, at first. It’s actually quite watery. Tomato is the base, but an extra little kick of vinegar makes it surprisingly good. It think that’s what makes their pulled pork sandwich so unique.

If you’re in the Titusville area, this is definitely worth a visit. They’re definitely doing it right. Let me know how you like it.

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Heavenly BBQ
1413 Garden St
Titusville, FL 32796

Phone: 321-268-8408


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