Colorado’s Steakhouse in Sanford, FL – Smoked Prime Rib


Colorado's Steakhouse in Sanford, FL

Colorado’s Steakhouse in Sanford, FL is probably not the type of place that comes to mind when you think of smoked food or barbecue, because it’s definitely a steakhouse (and a good one, at that). However, once you try their Smoked Prime Rib, you’ll never forget it – and you’ll be back for more.

SMOKED Prime Rib?

Yes, smoked. This has been Colorado’s signature entrée since opening in 1992. Their website describes it best:

“Prime rib is slowly roasted over oak embers for just a hint of the taste of Colorado.”
“The only naturally Smoked Prime Rib in Central Florida. Aged Colorado beef smoked in our custom brick oven over slow-burning hardwood.”
“Colorado high country beef is graded Premium Choice or higher and aged a minimum of 25 days.”
“Everything you order has been prepared here in our kitchen, not in a factory.”
16-ounce cut of Smoked Prime Rib at Colorado's Steakhouse
16-ounce cut of Smoked Prime Rib at Colorado’s Steakhouse
They had me at “oak embers”

A promotional flier arrived at our door back in the early 90’s, and  it got my attention right away with their “oak embers” description, so my wife and I decided to give them a try.

When the waitress brought our meals, there was no outward appearance that the prime rib had been smoked; No smoke ring, no bark on the outside, etc. It appeared to be just like any other quality prime rib. However, I immediately detected a pleasant aroma of smoke wafting up from it, so knew I was in for a treat.

A single bite from Colorado's Smoked Prime Rib
A single bite from Colorado’s Smoked Prime Rib

I took my first bite, and the smokiness was perfect. I couldn’t believe prime rib could be this good. Don’t get me wrong, traditional prime rib is delicious when it’s lightly seasoned and oven-cooked, but this adds a whole new dimension – and it’s irresistible.

Savoring the Smoke

Naturally, you’ll find most of the smoke flavor in the outer 1” rim of each cut, so you may want to start in the middle and work your way out. This saves the smokiest, most-flavorful pieces until the very end. You have to plan these things in life, so you’re walking away with the best memories!

It’s Not Barbecue

Keep in mind that this isn’t barbecue. It’s everything you love about great prime rib, but with a smokiness that’s a perfect complement.

Colorado’s consistency with this dish has been well-received over the years, as they have a strong local following that packs their parking lot all week (and especially on weekends).

Smoked Prime Rib is available in three sizes: 8-, 12- and 16-ounces. Get the largest cut so you’ll have some extra to enjoy for lunch the next day. The 8-ounce cut is too small for a hearty appetite, and the upgrade from 12- to 16-ounce is only $2, so they made your decision an easy one. An extra 4-ounces of this smoked goodness for only two bucks is quite a bargain!

Steaks & More…

The New York Strip Steak, available in 10- or 14-ounce sizes, and the Rib Eye Steak, which is a 12-ounce cut, are both excellent. These hand-cut steaks have been consistently tender, juicy, and perfectly seasoned over the years.

14-ounce cut of New York Strip Steak at Colorado's Steakhouse
14-ounce cut of New York Strip Steak at Colorado’s Steakhouse

Colorado’s cooks are skilled at delivering your steak however you specify. Request rare, medium-rare, or any other level of cooking, and it will be just as described.

Smoked Tender Baby Back Ribs are a part of the menu, also, and they do live up to both of their claims. They’re lightly smoked and very tender. Barbecue sauce is grilled on when you order, so they’re more like northern grilled ribs (to me) than the traditional southern smoked variety, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying them. I just wanted you to know what to expect.

Unique menu items worth mentioning
  • Fried Green Tomatoes – Lightly breaded and delicious.
  • Stuffed Mushroom Caps – Filled with Italian sausage stuffing and provolone cheese.
  • Homemade Bread Pudding – Served hot with a Captain Morgan Butter Rum Sauce that is absolutely outstanding.
Bart’s Bottom Line
I don’t have anything negative to say about Colorado’s, because they’ve never disappointed us. When a restaurant consistently delivers an outstanding one-of-a-kind signature entrée like Smoked Prime Rib for well over 20 years, and maintains their local reputation for great steaks, delicious sides and desserts, what more can you ask? Go. Enjoy.

Let me know what you think. Your comments are welcome below.

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 Too Far to Drive?

If Colorado’s is too far to drive, yet your mouth is still watering for great barbecue, you may want to give Pig of the Month a try. They deliver delicious barbecue right to your door – one order at a time, or as part of their Pig of the Month program. Click the image below to learn more:

Pig of the Month barbecue delivered to your door

Colorado’s Prime Steak

3863 S Orlando Ave
Sanford, FL 32773


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  1. This is a great review. The pictures and description are so good that I’m hungry now. I lived in Oviedo between 1998 and 2003 and I was in Sanford often. Unfortunately I didn’t know about this restaurant and my wife and I love barbeque. We use to drive from Oviedo to a little hole in the wall place in Sanford for barbeque but I can’t remember the name of it now.

    1. If you ever get their way, again, Donald, be sure to stop in for Smoked Prime Rib. And if you think of the name of that other Sanford restaurant, please let me know.

  2. This sounds like a a great restaurant and the review is great too. I’m a vegetarian myself, but I will definitely have to link this review to some of my friends. I’m sure they would love to try the smoked prime rib.

  3. I am from New England and have been looking to travel with my girl friend to Florida to see relatives and friends. They are south of Sanford about an hour. One of our stops is planned for Disney for a few days. This will be the time I look to find Colorado’s because my mouth is still watering.

    1. Colorado’s is about an hour north of Disney, but any really good restaurant is worth that drive – as long as you avoid rush hour!

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